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Tempico announces new customers

Tempico is proud to announce that recent purchases of its medical treatment system, the Rotoclave, have been made by hospitals in New York City, American Samoa and Latvia.  A commercial system will be installed in Rochester NY early next year.

After several months of evaluation and study by the customer, the Rotoclave was chosen to be the method of treatment of the medical waste at Lincoln Hospital in New York City.  It is expected that this system will be operational before the end of the year.

LBJ Hospital in American Samoa, has been a potential customer for several years.  Recently, the hospital selected the Rotoclave to serve its waste processing needs.  We expect to have the equipment delivered to American Samoa by year end.  At the request of the customer, we have converted many of the parts to 100% stainless to prevent corrosion by the salt air on the island.

Our sales representative in England has worked closely with the country of Latvia for selection of medical waste treatment equipment for several months.  An order was recently received and is in the early stages of manufacturing.  We hope to complete and have the system ready to deliver in early 2007.  We have been told that it is extremely cold in that part of the world during the winter time; therefore we are not sure that installation will be accomplished in January or February but we will surely make an effort.  We may have to buy new clothing for that trip. 

Additionally, we have sold a system to our commercial waste customer for use at Rochester General Hospital in Rochester, NY.  We expect this one to be ready for installation in early spring 2007.