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Tempico will build municipal waste equipment for England

Tempico has reached agreement to furnish three (3) fifty-five foot long vessels for use in England.  After many months of discussion with licensed engineering firm, Enpure LTD, Tempico has started the process to build the first MSW processing equipment.

The origin of Tempico began over 20 years ago with the concept from founder Terrance Placzek to build equipment that could take unsorted municipal waste and treat it in a rotating pressurized autoclave.  This treatment would completely sterilize all the waste with the high temperature and pressure, break down the waste to various component fractions and allow for the recovery and eventual separation of the usable portion of the waste. 

During the last 20 years, the Company has been involved with the building and installation of smaller versions of the Rotoclave¬ģ¬†equipment for use in the medical industry.¬† Additionally, several tests have been conducted that proved the viability of the original concept with great results.¬† More recently, the Company has been testing means of preparing the recovered organic material for use as a feed souce for production of biofuels.¬†

The link listed herein will conduct you to the announcement recently made by Graphite Resources concerning the major project that Tempico will be participating in.  We are extremely pleased to become a part of this project.  We believe this will be a very important milestone in the development of plants to reduce the amount of waste that ends in the landfills while allowing for recycling of a major portion of the waste steam.

The Company expect to deliver the equipment to England in about 12 months with installation and commissioning of the equipment to take another 3 to 4 months.