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Tempico & Davies Engineering Host Dominican Republic Representatives

At a recent meeting at the New Orleans Airport Hilton, Tempico Medical hosted Enrique Calderon and Victor Ivan Del Pilar.  These gentlemen represent the Grupo Calderon from the Dominican Republic.  Accompanying them was Stuart Rabinowitz, CEO of IEP Caribbean. 

Tempico presented Davies Engineering of Gonzales, LA. to Grupo Calderon as a possible projects coordinator for the engineering and design of the entire waste treatment for a new and exciting development that is under way on the island.  A planned community consisting of 1,500 homes, 1,000 apartments, Hospital, Hotel, Shopping Center and much more is presently under construction. 

The developers are also responding to a critical island-wide need for municipal solid waste(MSW) recycling as well as renewable electricity generation.  During the initial phase of the project, approximately 1,200 tons of MSW will be processed in Tempico Rotoclaves each day.  Traditional recyclables such as ferrous metals, aluminum and plastics will be recovered and organic fiber will be further processed as a feedstock in the production of approximately 8MW of renewable electricity.

The attendees at this meeting departed with great expectations for the design and construction of a world class waste treatment complex with the potential to quadruple over the next 5 years.  This project will be the first of its type and should be available for duplication throughout the Caribbean.

The meeting closed with a mutual agreement to proceed forward.  This represents another new and exciting development for Tempico to help solve the waste problems of a community.









Pictured above from left are Stuart Rabinowitz, Victor Ivan Del Pilar and Enrique Calderon from Grupo Calderon.

Pictured above from left are Paul Alford, projects coordinator for Tempico, Wally Byrd and Jon Schneider of Davies Engineering, Inc.