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Visitors from UK inspect their Rotoclaves

New Rotoclave Under Construction For Use in the UK to treat municipal waste.


Shown above is the first section of one of the three new vessels being built by Liberty Welding and Iron Works for the Derwenthaugh Ecoparc which is owned by Graphite Resources Limited.  This section is 12 foot in diameter and 10 feet long.  When finished, each of the three vessels will be 55 feet long.


Pictured are: Front row – left to right are:  Ross Duncan, PhD. (programming specialist for all Tempico projects; Steve Langstaff of PX Limited (operating company for Graphite); Craig Boots and Paul Alford of Tempico; Richard Mair (Director of Graphite), William Sanchez of Tempico; Greg Diaz (General Manager of Liberty).  Back Row - from left are Avtar Jirh, Mike Thorpe, Graham Hutton and Nic Tudge (all from Enpure Limited).