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The system was ordered on May 25, 2008 after many months of negotiation and development of a relationship between Tempico, Enpure Ltd. (engineering firm located in Birmingham, UK) and their client Graphite Resources Limited.  Three Rotoclaves are being installed at Graphite’s state of the art treatment facility located at the Derwenthaugh Ecoparc in Newcastle, UK.

Tempico builds first Rotoclave to treat municipal waste.  The below picture shows Craig Boots, our Engineering Manager, standing in front of the 12ft. by 55ft. vessel built at Liberty Welding and Iron, Inc. in Metairie, LA.


This picture was taken 5-26-09 during inspection trip by Craig Boots.

Picture of Rotoclave #3 under construction 5-26-09

Graphite’s building under construction in Newcastle, UK at the Derwenthaugh Ecoparc.

Vessels are prepared and loaded for shipment from the port at New Orleans for the trip to the port on the river Tyne in Newcastle, UK.  The Rickmers Jakarta is the freight liner that took all three Rotoclaves to the UK.

Care is taken to insure that vessels are chained to the deck of the ship to insure safe delivery to the UK.

The Rotoclaves, covered a protective blue wrapping, aboard ship as it proceeds inland toward the port on the river Tyne where unloading began on July 24th.

Lifting the Rotoclave by a heavy duty crane was required due to the overall weight of the vessel (185,000 lbs.) in preparation for moving the vessels into the plant at Derwentaugh Ecoparc. This picture was taken 7-26-09.


Not much room to spare during the move into the building. Movement inside the building required special rollers to support these vessels.  Caution was required also so as to protect the building and the foundation.

The orange equipment is the 400 horsepower hydraulic drives that were purchased from Hagglund’s in Sweden.

During the next couple of months, installation will be completed.  Tempico will send its start-up and training crew to begin the final stages to bring the system on line and operating.  As progress continues, we will attempt to keep the events posted for you.