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To all of our loyal customers: Tempico has decided to close its fabrication facility, and has provided an exclusive License to Manufacture and Support RotoclaveŽ Systems Worldwide to T&B Fabrication, LLC (TBF). Everyone can be assured that this change in the fabrication and support of the RotoclaveŽ systems will in no way affect the quality of the RotoclaveŽ itself, only the company in charge of its fabrication and support. A note explaining this agreement is attached.

Below is a brief overview of T&B Fabrication:

Four years ago, Tim Rogers and I started T&B Fabrication to take care of miscellaneous ornamental iron projects and controls projects that different people were asking for. While some of these smaller projects were brought into Tempico, others would have been too expensive for the customer if they were performed through Tempico. After telling Tempico of our intentions, we proceeded working on some of these projects during our personal time.

Around this time, Tempico started to struggle financially. Tim and I began to prepare ourselves, making sure that, if Tempico closed, we could be ready almost immediately to make T&B Fabrication our full time job. Everyone at Tempico was made aware of this, so that no one ever needed to worry about a conflict of interest.

As soon as Tempico announced that they would be closing, we immediately engaged in discussions with Joe Morgan (Tempico President and CEO), and Carl Liggio (Tempico Attorney and Non-Executive Chairman of the Board), in order to secure the rights (intellectual and proprietary) to sell the RotoclaveŽ System. Once the agreement was finalized, we surrounded ourselves with the people that were "Tempico" -- the people that helped to develop and manufacture the RotoclaveŽ. I have included a brief overview of these people below.

Since 1993, I have been involved in the mechanical and electrical fabrication of most systems. For the past 16 years, I have provided the parts, technical support, and service for most systems, while also being involved in the engineering, startup, and training of new systems. Through T&B Fabrication, I will be able to continue this support to all of our customers, past, present, and future.

Tim Rogers began building RotoclaveŽ Systems in 1992. Since 2000, he has been directly responsible for the fabrication of almost all of the RotoclaveŽ systems, as well as the installation and service of numerous systems. He has a wealth of knowledge for any mechanical issues that could potentially arise, which has proven invaluable to Craig Boots, myself, and the customers over the years.

William Sanchez (Former Tempico COO) will be working with us in a consulting capacity. He will continue to provide new customers with all necessary RotoclaveŽ System support during the system selection and quotation phase, as well as project management and coordination during the systems fabrication, shipping, and commissioning phases.

Craig Boots (Former VP of Engineering), who had recently retired from Tempico, will be working with Tim, William, and I on a consulting basis. Craig had developed many of the improvements in the system design and operation, and was an integral part of the technical support and training.

In the very near future, we hope to have Dona Nugent as part of our team. She has been invaluable to me personally, providing all quotes for customers, keeping up with all of the orders, performing all of the in house accounting, and much more too numerous to mention. She is definitely the glue that holds everything together.

We also plan to continue using the team of Bob Bartlett (Bartlett Engineering) and Liberty Welding for the fabrication of the pressure vessels. Their wisdom and experience has been instrumental in the continued development of the RotoclaveŽ system.

In closing, we want to assure all of our customers that we will do our best to make the transition from Tempico to T&B Fabrication as smooth as possible. We will strive to keep costs down, while continuing to build the most reliable, cost effective, and durable equipment, the RotoclaveŽ.

Ben Holder

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T&B Fabrication Contact Info:

RotoclaveŽ Sales:
William Sanchez / / 985-320-9951

RotoclaveŽ Technical Support, Parts, and Service:
Ben Holder / / 985-773-3701

All Other Inquiries:
Ben Holder / / 985-773-3701